Liana's Piano Studio

Liana's Piano Studio

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Festival Prep

The deadline for applications is coming up!  Your students have been working hard getting ready, but we still have much to do.

Compositions: Last week we started writing their songs. They are due on February 6th. The completed song needs to be turned in with a recording. After we finish their songs this week, I will email you the song so you can print it and the kids can start practicing it. (I don't have a printer or I would do it for you) You will need the computer program Finale to open and print the file. (Don't worry, it's safe and free) Just go to and download Finale Notepad. We will record the songs the first week of February, and I will turn them in with the festival applications.

Applications: There is a $35 fee for Festival. Please include a separate check (or cash) made out to the Heber Valley Piano Festival the first week in February so I can turn it in with their applications.

Practicing: Please Please Please work with your students to practice as hard as they can!  We've a lot to be ready for. Look over their notebooks each week and make sure they are practicing everything I have assigned. The judges are pretty awesome, but your students will feel more comfortable playing if they are completely prepared.

Notes: If your kids don't know the notes, they can't sightread music. I will do all I can here, but most of the memorization needs to happen at home. If you notice that their notebook is telling them to say the notes out loud every time they play it's because they are probably struggling. Listen and make sure they are naming those notes. It will help them so much with their piano lessons and they will be able to progress so much faster. I will also be sending notes tests home with them each week to help practice.

No lessons next week, I will be out of town. We will arrange to have an hour long session in February to really practice for festival.

**Note** Parents of my newest students: We haven't done much to prepare for festival yet. Their pieces will be simple enough that we can learn them quickly. This year we want to make this as fun as possible.