Liana's Piano Studio

Liana's Piano Studio

Thursday, October 1, 2015

October "Check-in"

Your kids have been doing great!  I've noticed a huge improvement with their practicing. Keep up the good work.  

I am starting a "practicing contest" for the month of October. I will send a card home for your child to record the number of minutes practiced per day.  Sign off on the card and bring it back for each lesson.  The student with the most minutes practiced at the end of the month will get a prize at the group lesson.  (I will break this into to levels so that the beginners aren't competing with the more advanced students.) I will post times on the blog so everyone knows what they have to do to stay in the game.

Keep working on reading notes! 

We are preparing songs to play at our Halloween group lesson/party that is scheduled for Thursday October 29.  It will be from 4-6.  We are taking songs that are in a Major Key (Sounds happy) and turning it into a minor key (sounds sad).  We will also have a dynamics (Louds and softs) contest.  It will be judged by one of my neighbors, so listen for those louds and softs while they practice.  They will also get to pick a new name for the song. This is for all students.

Remember that October payment is due this week. (The first day of the month always sneaks up on me!)

Christmas recital: We have scheduled our Christmas recital for December 1st.  Since we are running out of room at my mom's house, our recital this year will be at the Abbington Senior Community by the Library.  They have a beautiful piano and a large room with lots of chairs so invite your families.  The residents will also be invited so we will be able to give the gift of service this Christmas.

I received the dates for the Heber Valley Music Festival.  It will be March 10-12.  I already have some of your kids working on pieces for this.  I hope everyone will be able to participate. It's a fantastic experience and teaches so much.

Thanks everyone!!

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