Liana's Piano Studio

Liana's Piano Studio

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November Notes

Hey all!  Thank you so much for everyone's hard work. Just a couple notes as we get closer to the Christmas Recital!!

The Recital is on DECEMBER 1st at 7:30 PM at the Abbington (The retirement home by the Library.) Dress is Sunday best.  I have asked everyone (with a couple exceptions; my newest students) to have their pieces memorized.  Please keep a watchful eye as they practice this week.  Make sure that the Christmas songs that they are playing actually sound like the Christmas Songs they are learning. :)  If anyone could bring a treat to share for after the recital, that would be fantastic.  We'll have time to mingle with each other and the residents of the Abbington.

There will be no lessons on Thanksgiving. (Obviously) I'm not offering a makeup day, but I will want to meet with everyone briefly before the recital to go through their pieces.  Call or text me to set up a time.

We will have our regular lessons on Thursday, December 3rd.

Congratulations to Madison, Savannah, and Stella for winning the practicing contest.  You all did a fantastic job.  (Practicing was so good, that I just might do it again.)

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